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The First automobile.

The First airplane.

The First on the moon.

Why strive so hard to be First?

Because First is a breakthrough… First is the holder of special knowledge others have yet to acquire. First demonstrates dedication and focus to accomplish the task. First has the advantage.

In the field of Legal Advertising, Group Matrix was First.

The start of Group Matrix goes back to the start of Lawyer Advertising itself. Group Matrix began in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1970. At that time our clients consisted of large car dealerships, jewelry stores, grocery chains and casinos. In 1977, Bates vs. the Supreme Court of Arizona made it permissible for attorneys to advertise. The very next day Group Matrix secured their First legal client and made it profitable.

As word of the success of our legal clientele spread around the country, attorneys from all corners of the United States began seeking out Group Matrix’s expertise. By the mid-80’s, Group Matrix had shed all of its retail clients and was focused exclusively on attorney advertising. We continue in that tradition today.


Group Matrix is the industry’s leading Attorney Advertising Agency and first in Practice Development. We have helped create and grow America’s largest and most successful Personal Injury practices for over 30 years. CEO Richard Sackett is recognized and credited with being the originator and “Guru” of the mass marketing of legal services.

Group Matrix currently represents nationwide 30 of the most visible and dominant firms practicing Personal Injury. Attorney advertising from Group Matrix is seen by more than 35 million people a day. Group Matrix produces over 400 lawyer television commercials, and even more radio, yellow page, internet and billboard advertisements every year.

Group Matrix and the scores of clients we have worked with have revolutionized the way
Attorneys market their services and run their law practices. The mistakes others are now experiencing have long been extricated from our programs. Simply put, we have minimized our mistakes and we repeat our successes. In other words we know what works from years of experience and you benefit from it.

While others are selling commodities and silver bullets (buying services, commercials, media packages, websites, leads, etc…), we provide a path to success. We become a department within your organization. For the first time, your firm will have an in-house marketing and management department.

Group Matrix’s compendium of services and advisors assist and guide you through the metamorphosis from a slow moving traditional single service firm to a contemporary mass service one.

We focus on building your law practice so you can focus on practicing law.


CEO Richard Sackett founded the firm in 1970. In 1977, the firm was the very first attorney advertising agency to advertise legal services in mass media. Richard and Group Matrix have been featured in reports on attorney advertising by NBC News, CBS News and Newsweek International. He has taught at Loyola University Law School, performs CLE and is an AAJ guest speaker.

Additionally, Richard is retained as an expert on attorney advertising regulation and has helped to establish many Federal and State regulatory precedents in favor of an attorney’s right to advertise.

On a personal side, Mr. Sackett has served in the Military and State Government. He is a yachtsman, jet pilot, and collects exotic cars and miniature trains.

Substantiated by the experience of others, certified by daily reports, intimately known by the largest Personal Injury Firms in America:

Group Matrix Builds Personal Injury Giants. Join the ranks of the Heavy HittersTM.

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