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The First Automobile. The First Airplane. The First on the Moon.

Why strive so hard to be First?

Because First is a BREAKTHROUGH… First is the holder of special knowledge others have yet to acquire. First demonstrates dedication and focus to accomplish the task. First has The Advantage.

In 1977, Bates vs. the Supreme Court of Arizona made it permissible for attorneys to advertise. The very next day Group Matrix secured their First legal client and made it profitable.

Today, Group Matrix is the industry’s leading Attorney Advertising Agency and first in Practice Development. We have have helped create and grow America’s largest and most successful Personal Injury practices for over 30 years. Our CEO, Richard Sackett, is recognized and credited with being the originator and “Guru” of the mass marketing of legal services.

We provide a path to success. We focus on building your law practice so you can focus on practicing law. Group Matrix’s compendium of services and advisors assist and guide you through the metamorphosis from a slow moving traditional single service firm to a contemporary mass service one.

Look at Richard’s accolades, Check out our Portfolio of work, and Get in Contact with us today to find out how we can put your firm on the fast track to success.